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The Logbook -service is an informal diary of the building where you can add notes of the building. You can choose the type of your notes (heating, water, energy, etc.), which makes it easier to find the notes again later. It is also possible to look for a note by entering a word in the search field. Schneider Electric cannot edit your notes in the logbook but it is possible to restore notes that have been accidentally removed.


Browsing notes. When entering Logbook -service, you can see the three latest notes. You can browse the notes by clicking on the arrows below them. By choosing Next you can see three older notes and Previous shows three newer ones. You can see the number of the current page and the total number of pages in the brackets below the arrows.

Searching for notes. The search fields can be found below the heading Logbook -service. Enter your search string in the Search text -field. The search string can occur anywhere in the note, e.g. in the middle of a word. Uppercase and lowercase are treated the same. You can choose the type of the notes you are looking for in the Choose type-menu. If you leave the Search text-field blank, the system shows all the notes of the chosen type. Start the search by clicking on the Search-button. For browsing the notes that contain your search string see Browsing notes above.

Adding a new note. You can add a new note by clicking on the Add note -button below the old notes. A new window will be opened where you can write your note and choose the type of the note. By clicking on the Next -button, you can see the preview of your note. If you accept the note, click on Add and the note will be added to the system. By clicking on the Back -button you can return to your note to edit it. If you do not want to add a new note, click on the Cancel -button when you are in the editing window.

Editing an old note. You can edit an old note by clicking on the Edit-button of the note. Editing is done in the same way as adding a new note. You can also change the time of the note. You cannot mark the time to be any later than the time you are writing the note. Erroneous time markings will not be saved in the system.

Removing a note. You can remove a note by clicking on the Remove-button of the note. The note will be removed immediately but can still be restored by the administrator.

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