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Building status -service


Building status -service tells you the condition of the building at a certain point in time. The status is assessed by a Schneider Electric expert and it is based on different information about the building, for example information about measuring, consumption and alarms, observations made on the spot, etc. The green light indicates that the building is functioning in a normal way. However, yellow and red light suggest the need for further action.


Browsing building status information. When entering Building status -service, you can see the three latest status reports. You can browse the reports by clicking on the arrows below them. By choosing Next you can see three older reports and Previous shows three newer ones. You can see the number of the current page and the total number of pages in the brackets below the arrows.

Searching for building status information. The search fields can be found below the heading Building status -service. Enter your search string in the Search text -field. The search string can occur anywhere in the status report, e.g. in the middle of a word. Uppercase and lowercase are treated the same. You can choose the type of the status reports you are looking for in the Choose type-menu. If you leave the Search text-field blank, the system shows all the reports of the chosen type. Start the search by clicking on the Search-button. For browsing the status reports that contain your search string see Browsing building status information above.

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